ERICA COVID-19 image management platform

The current COVID-19 pandemia provides unique challenges to all of us. Never before has global cooperation and data sharing been more important than today. And never before has data sharing been so easy. To do our part, pharmtrace is offering free licenses to our ERICA image warehouse software in all 2020 COVID-19 trials to academic and research clinics. Thus, we are joining the initiative of the electronic data capture company VIEDOC to support the global research community.

Imaging is of paramount importance in clinical trials as an endpoint for efficacy and safety. Imaging is also of major importance to monitor COVID-19 patients. pharmtrace has developed the ERICA platform as a GCP-compliant structured warehouse for image data. Unlike traditional PACS systems, the ERICA warehouse organizes image data by site - patient - visit - image series. Images are automatically de-identified during upload, can be accessed from an intuitive browser interface, can be downloaded and searched. ERICA provides an easy means to organize relevant images for immediate or later analysis and comparison.

We at pharmtrace understand that it is now the time for cooperation. This is why we are offering the ERICA COVID-19 warehouse free of charge to any academic and research institution conducting COVID-19 trials for the remainder of 2020. For additional information, please contact us at "", and find out how we can get your image respository up and running.