ERICA - SaaS solutions

ERICA has been developed and validated in multiple studies, multiple modalities, in thousands of patients, and across a range of therapeutic areas. It has been demonstrated to

  • markedly improve the quality and standardization of imaging in multicentre studies, and 
  • deliver significant operational efficiencies and cost savings.


Your bespoke ERICA platform is available with a variety of capabilities, features and functions.


image warehouse options and features:


base module

Set-up of the study in the image inventory, validation and documentation for 1 clinical study; one training session of client staff; manual.

Automated customized DICOM header checks during image upload for QC.

Programming of clients’ ability to authorize selected Reader(s) and Project staff to access images including ability to select, comment on and download images in structured format.


+ option 1

Automatic e-mail alerts to freely chosen recipients. E-mail alerts can be configured to be sent after “trigger events”; e.g., after image upload, after automatic DICOM header check, after external review. The text of the emails is based on customizable templates; results of an automatic DICOM header check can be included in the mail.


+ option 2

Structured external image review. Images can be reviewed in a structured manner and review results are captured in an electronic form.  Review results can be downloaded for further analysis. If e-mail alerts are enabled, the results of this review can be sent to predefined recipients, automatically.


In addition, your bespoke GCP-compliant image management platform can be programmed to manage images from multiple studies.

ERICA SaaS empowers you to confidently in-source image management by enabling the collection and centralization of images, automatic technical quality control of images with query generation, GCP-compliant image warehouse, controlled access for selected individuals to predefined QCed image series, consistency and control of image acquisition and management across multiple imaging centers.

Contact us for a discussion of your individual needs, we will have a suitable solution for you.